01.04 | Count us in: including the gifted and talented in inclusive education (Unterlagen auf Deutsch)

Thursday, 14.9.2017 19.30 ‒20.30 Uhr


Dr. Margaret Sutherland ‒ Director of the Scottish Network for Able Pupils, University of Glasgow, Scotland
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How do teachers respond to differences among their pupils? What do teachers need to know in order to respond more effectively to the different differences? What roles should teacher education and continuing lifelong professional learning play in teacher education and development? How can teachers be better prepared to work with gifted and talented learners? This presentation will explore these questions and argue that where inclusive policy and inclusive practice meet, learning can be supported well. It will contend that knowledgeable and highly qualified teachers bridge the gap between policies and practice best. Using examples from practice it will demonstrate how individual teachers might respond in creative, innovative and enthusiastic ways to create classrooms that include a wide range of learners. It will conclude by arguing that to meet «sustainable development goal 4 of the United Nations»: «provide inclusive, quality education and lifelong learning for all by 2030» – we have to include the gifted and talented. Otherwise we count them out, not count them in!

(Übersetzungen auf Deutsch werden am Vortrag abgegeben)